Lawn Care for the Greater Spokane Region.


As a local family-owned and operated business, we are able to offer a personal touch. We offer a full-service lawn care solution, servicing both home and commercial properties. Our team of lawn care experts is trained and certified to safely exterminate your pests. All of our products are safe for your family and pets.


Make keeping your lawn luscious and beautiful our job. Making your yard look great has never been easier.

Lawn care

Our fertilizer formulas change throughout the season to ensure optimum growth and the best green possible. Unlike the other guys, we don't cut corners when it comes to making your yard look great. Hundreds of satisfied neighbors will tell you that their lawns have never looked better. 


Weed control requires a great deal of caution. Our special mixes and attention to detail ensures that your lawn remains healthy and the weeds are dead.

weed control

Using broadleaf herbicides, we can kill the weeds that grow on your lawn without harming the grass. Dandelions, hawkweed thistle, clover, even lawn violets are no match for our special mixes.

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If you see rings in your yard, it is a fungi infestation known as a fairy ring. Spokane Affordable Pest & Weed Control can help remove the fungi and heal your lawn.

fairy ring

Despite the cute name, fairy ring can be serious trouble for your lawn. When invasive fungi attack your lawn, they can make your grass become hydrophobic or diseased. The result is rings of uneven, discolored, or dead grass. Luckily, with treatment, these symptoms can be cured.

Necrotic rings also proliferate in Spokane and the best defense against them in cultural control and a consistent treatment schedules. Don't let this destructive nuisance ruin your lawn.

Necrotic ring

One of the area's most prevalent turf issues, necrotic ring spot is a destructive nuisance. It is a disease that kills roots and shoots, often in a circular doughnut shape. Treatment is usually best in April or May, but with cultural control and a consistent treatment schedule, it can be fixed later in the year, as well.