Bed Bugs

“Here I lay me down to sleep,
Bedbugs all around me creep.
Should one bite me before I wake,
I pray the Lord its jaws will break.”
-The Journal of American Folklore


Just what are Bed Bugs, exactly?:

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that have been pestering mankind for thousands of years. Their only source of nourishment is blood, but despite being able to sustain themselves off any kind of blood, we are their favorite. There are historical accounts of bedbug infections dating back as far as ancient Greece, and prior to the 20th century, bedbugs were considered commonplace. We are lucky enough to live in a day and age where advancements in housing, technology, and sanitation have made bedbugs considerably less prolific, however that does not mean they are not still a cause for concern.

Where do bed bugs come from?:

The truth is that bed bug infestations can happen to anyone, even if you maintain a clean, pest free home. All it takes is a little bad luck and you could have a family of bed bugs crashing on your couch. Activities as innocuous as staying at a hotel, buying an item from a thrift store, or welcoming friends or family into your home could lead to a bed bug infestation. These tiny parasites are excellent at staying out of sight, and are able to survive for months without a blood meal. Their aptitude for hide and seek makes them incredibly difficult to get rid of, and a single female can produce up to 500 offspring in her lifetime.  

Once a bed bug infestation starts, their population can grow exponentially.  Within 12 months you could have up to 4 generations of bedbugs. If you are not able to handle the infestation early on, it can quickly grow out of control and become even more difficult to treat. Because of the immense difficulties associated with controlling bed bugs, the cost of treatment is sky-high, and even then results are often not guaranteed. This why the owner of Affordable Pest and Weed Control, Josh Sammeli, sought to devise a more effective, and more wallet friendly approach to bed bug treatment, and he did just that.

Our Treatment:

Here at Affordable Pest and Weed Control, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality bed bug treatment in Spokane county. When Josh purchased Affordable Pest and Weed Control from his stepfather – chemical treatment for bed bugs was rare. Most other pest control companies in the area only offered heat treatment, which until recently was known as the only practical way to exterminate bed bugs.

Knowing that heat treatments are considerably more expensive – Josh decided to stay true to his company name “Affordable,” and innovated a newer, cheaper, and all around superior chemical treatment. Drawing upon his many years of experience and the help of his senior technician – Josh pioneered the most effective bed bug treatment in Spokane. To this day, our company has maintained a 100% success rate at eliminating bed bug infestations due to our meticulous treatment procedures and the diligence of our skilled technicians.

Our treatment is different than any other company - and we know from experience, it works. We are so confident in our service we offer a comprehensive guarantee with our bed bug treatments. This specialized, full service, chemical treatment has been our staple for years.

Problems with heat treatment:

  1. There is no residual effect with a heat treatment. This means after the heating machines are gone, there is no more treatment taking place. If there are areas that did not reach 120 degrees for a certain amount of time - and there are bed bugs in those areas - they will not die.

  2. Heat treatments are very expensive. If you have had bed bugs in the past, you know how tedious and inconvenient the extermination process can be. Along with having your house infested with blood-thirsty insects - heat treatments will also take a large bite out of your wallet.

  3. Heat can destroy your personal items:

    1. Melts weather stripping on base of doors

    2. Melts plastic shower heads

    3. Warps floor panelling

    4. Will eliminate wood smell from antiques (cedar)

    5. Melts glue from particle board shelving

    6. Photo albums with plastic linings can melt

    7. Leather hand bags lost their sheen

    8. Leather shoe soles can lose its adhesive

    9. Lamp gaskets can melt

Why choose Affordable Pest and Weed Control?

As a local company, we care a great deal about our community. We take pride in treating our customers like family and providing exceptionally better service than our larger competitors.

  • We guarantee our bed bug service and we are 100% successful.

  • Chemical is the best option for long lasting treatment.

  • Chemical is the most affordable option.

  • We are a local company.

If you, a friend, or family member believe you may have an infestation - do not ignore the problem. Call us for a free inspection and estimate!

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